Saturday, November 8, 2008


I'm not sure if anyone has heard about this, but there is this capsule called Nutricap. By taking two every day at breakfast, your hair will build strength, shine, and volume. I know there are shampoos and conditioners that say they strengthen and add volume to your hair, but Nutricap is probably the best way to go. Seriously, it's the real McCoy. A study was conducted on people that take Nutricap, and hair was 76% stronger, 71% shinier, there was 91 % less breakage, 71% more volume, and even nails were 94% stronger too! Nutricap also promotes healthy hair growth as you can see. Nutricap is good for you if you have hair on the thin side, if it's flat, lifeless, or dull looking. Or, if your hair is on the thick side, or if it's dull-looking, take fish oil capsules. They natural-looking shine to your hair, and they improve the softness and look of your skin because of the Omega 3 in it. My mom is a naturopathic doctor and she introduced them to me.

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